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Offering professional trapping, removal, control and exclusion of nuisance wildlife from your home or property.

“Solving Your Nuisance Wildlife Woes”

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PAWS IS GROWING! To best serve our customers, we are now operating out of two locations – Simsbury, Connecticut and Winchester, Connecticut. Look for the PAWS ad in the Yankee Flyer and the Foothills Trader.

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About the Owner

Adam Buggy - c/o Paw Services

My name is Adam. I am a lifetime outdoorsmen and avid wildlife enthusiast. I wanted to be able to combine my interests with my profession. By working full time as a licensed NWCO I am able to work up close and personal with wildlife as part of a scientifically controlled method of conservation while simultaneously helping my fellow neighbors rid of their nuisance wildlife woes.

PAWS in Action

PAWS Softball

PAWS Coed Softball

The PAWS Coed Fall Softball team plays in Winsted, CT. See you next year.

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