Banding Resident Geese

Two adult geese with goslings.

During late June each year, the Connecticut DEEP Waterfowl Biologists select various locations in each county of the state that hold large groups of resident Canada geese. It is at this time of year that geese molt their feathers and are unable to fly. This makes it easier to round up the geese which are then targeted to be tagged with leg bands. When a bird is banded, it’s age and sex and location are recorded. This information helps scientists and conservationists continue to understand and study the birds and learn more about their migration patterns and habitat needs. I was able to volunteer my time on 6/30/15 to help the state biologists round up and band resident geese in Litchfield County. The morning was incredible. Roughly 100 geese were banded in five different locations throughout the county.

Giving back to conservation is a great feeling. Consider volunteering your time next year!

Update (7/16/15) – The numbers are in! This year the state captured and banded a total of 1,896 geese. This included 1,222 new geese and 674 recaptured birds!

Already banded, this adult had it’s information rerecorded and was quickly released.


Rounded up!
Attaching a leg band to a juvenile female.