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Moose in Connecticut

Each year Connecticut residents seem to see more and more moose roaming throughout the state. Moose sightings have occurred in back yards, along the highways, in business parks, along the rivers and pretty much everywhere else one can think of. A handful of moose have even been struck and killed along the highways.

Please participate in the moose sighting report program if you happen to see a moose.

Click HERE to be taken to the Connecticut DEEP moose sighting report form.

Connecticut Moose Fact Sheet

“Moose Are Here to Stay in Connecticut” – An article adapted from Connecticut Wildlife Magazine

Black Bears in Connecticut

The population of black bears (Ursus americanus) in Northwest and North-central Connecticut has been on the rise for many years. Since August 8th of 2013, the state DEEP has received nearly 4,400 reports of bear sightings. Of course, many of these reported sightings are of the same bear, called in by different people. It is my personal opinion that the current estimate of the Connecticut black bear population places the total number of bears far too low*. One fact can not be disputed … Black bears are becoming a nuisance animal in the state of Connecticut. In recent years there have been numerous complaints by homeowners, property owners and motorists about black bears causing damage and destruction in their yards, inside their homes and to vehicles on the roads.

Click the links below for more information about black bears in Connecticut:

Black Bear Sightings Report

Report a Black Bear Sighting

Black Bear Fact Sheet

Black Bear Do’s and Dont’s

*My source for this belief comes from the fact that I see both tagged and untagged black bears at least twice a week, sometimes more, without reporting these sightings. I draw the conclusion that many other people who see bears, especially those who see them regularly, do not report them either.