Problem Animals & Wildlife Services, LLC. is a licensed and insured, independently owned and operated wildlife services business specializing in the control & removal of nuisance wildlife.

Professional and safe nuisance wildlife control can be accomplished in various ways depending on the particular situation. Control methods primarily include forced or self-eviction followed by exclusions that will prevent wildlife from reentering your home. It is important to ensure these animals will not be able to regain access into your home or cause additional damage and destruction. Other situations call for humane, live-trapping of the animals. Trapping of animals is sometimes necessary to ensure there are no more unwelcome dwellers residing in your home. Trapping and removal also ensures problem critters will not return to potentially cause further damage and destruction to your property.

PAWS is on the job, helping put an end to your nuisance wildlife woes. If you are hearing strange noises coming from your attic, chimney, basement, or within the walls … PAWS is just one phone call away. If you are experiencing any wildlife related damage to your property, home, garden or buildings … Please don’t hesitate to call. If you happen to see an unwelcome critter running about your home … Give PAWS a call at 860-840-3237.

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Our services include trapping, removal, control and exclusion of the following “common offenders”:

PAWS can also help with the control and removal of certain species under special conditions in accordance with the law in certain situations:

PAWS does not advocate that homeowners who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with wildlife attempt to handle nuisance animals within their homes or on their property. Wild animals can be dangerous, unpredictable and are occasionally the carriers of transmissible diseases to humans.

PLEASE NOTE THAT PAWS IS NOT LICENSED TO REMOVE CATS, DOGS, DOMESTIC ANIMALS OR LIVESTOCK. We only handle nuisance WILDLIFE complaints. Please call your local/town Animal Control Officer (ACO) to handle complaints that involve these animals.


Exclusion Work

Integrated Wildlife Damage Management (IWDM) does not stop with the trapping and release/removal of wildlife from your home or property. In fact, many situations don’t require an animal to be trapped at all. Quite often animals will vacate your home naturally and by simply preventing the animal from regaining access to your home, I can guarantee your nuisance animal situation will be taken care of. As part of a complete line of service to protect you, your family and your home from unwanted wildlife and nuisance animals, I am more than happy to help install permanent exclusion hardware.
Exclusion methods typically include:
Installing chimney caps – Chimney Caps are an effective solution to preventing wildlife from intentionally entering or accidentally falling into your chimney flue(s). A proper chimney cap for your chimney is safe, effective, and conforms to building code.
Installing wire mesh or screening – Some animals find comfort and security in places such as under a deck or porch. Keeping these animals out can be accomplished by properly installing screening around low sitting decks, porches, sheds, etc. Often times such screening is placed behind lattice work and can not be easily seen.
Screening gable vents – Not all homes have gable vents. For those homes that do, animals can and do find easy entrance through these vents if they are not properly screened off. The screening of gable vents will discourage animals from attempting to enter your home and will prevent them from doing so.
Installing vent covers – Covers of various shapes and sizes are available on the market for all the vents found in your home. From plumbing vents to stove vents to bathroom fan vents, a cover will keep out birds and small animals that nest and can cause damage.

Additional Services

Dead Skunk
Dead Skunk
Dead Animal Removal – Funny smell coming from somewhere within your home? Have you discovered a deceased wild animal on your property? PAWS is on the job. No dead animal is too small or too large. I am happy to remove any carcass in any condition. Give PAWS a call.


Gutter Cleaning – Natural debris such as leaves, sticks, mast, etc., can cause gutters and downspouts to clog. This may cause damage to your home due to improper water run-off. Poor water run-off and leaks can cause weakening and rotting of shingles, facia boards, eves and soffits. Animals such as squirrels and raccoons are experts and finding these weak spots and will often times use them to open a hole to gain access to the warmth and comfort of your attic. Interior sheltering and nesting can cause further damage to your home and create an even larger problem. As part of my services I will be more than happy to clean your gutters and downspouts to evict current dwellers and help prevent future problems.
I run 24’ and 32’ ladders on my truck. Suitable sizes for reaching most gutter lines.


Bat Houses – Though the installation of bat houses will not attract bats from within your attic if they have already chosen to settle there, bat exclusionary work coupled with the installation of a bat house on your property may help prevent the bats from attempting to enter your attic again in the future. Bats are an essential animal for our ecosystem and many species are at risk of extinction. By providing a safe, comfortable bat house for local bats you will be directly contributing to the enhancement of our environment while simultaneously contributing to the bats’ overall success. Please note that it can be difficult to establish bats into a bat house. Most people are unsuccessful at drawing bats into a bat house and it may take years before a single bat decides to use the small structure for safety and shelter. However, if you’ve had the desire to try a bat house and want to give it a try, I’m more than happy to help. For a small installation fee I will reach any heights within the trees on your property to install a bat house. I can offer both self-constructed bat houses that I make myself as well as models that are commercially available for purchase. Pricing options available.
Please call 860-840-3237.


Diseased Wildlife Transport – If you know or suspect that you or anyone within your household or your pets have been exposed to a potentially rabid animal, I will be happy to transport the animal to the Virology Lab in Rocky Hill, Connecticut for a fee. You will receive the test results generally within 24 hours except on weekends. This service provides you with the insurance to know whether or not you need to make the next steps by contacting your physician (or veterinarian in the case of your pets) for recommendations on how to proceed.